Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fossil Creek Reservoir

I love going to new places. This was a really wonderful nature hike. It was really open and tons of wild flowers and butterflies. The birds of course were singing their pretty song.

The boys were ready to hike. Most of the hike is on a gravel road it is stroller accesible but if i do it again i will ditch the stroller and pack up a back pack it wasn't that easy.
The boys were ready to head of on the hike.

I was trying to capture a butterfly. I can see it just abit in the middle of the picture.

There were a few thistles and they really stood out and the bees loved them.

This was a perfect resting spot. Loads of birds out on the lake. We saw Pelicans and they were gliding into the water and looked really big. There were several different ducks and a blue Heron. Inside there is a bird and duck guide of the different ones you will see out on the lake. It was very peaceful and the breeze felt wonderful.
It definetly is snack time. E. was enjoying his hat maybe not on his head but on his teeth. Such a sweet boy.

The dandelion fluff was a huge hit on the way home.

This picture is so sweet. What a way to chill tall grass, butterflies and some sun.

Good-bye... see you next time.
hugs and happy trails,

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