Friday, February 25, 2011

Bobcat Ridge, A very Windy day.

What a great turn out. We hiked the Valley Loop to the cabin. What a wonderful spot to end up at. Great trees to climb and lots to explore. It was a very windy day.

The skies are just so blue it was just amazing.

Some really cute kiddos we have in the tribe!

I love the shadows in this picture.
Exploring some animal holes.

Good-bye, happy trails,

Mid-Winter Pot Luck Party

This was fun relaxing social day. Thank you Julie and Alex for sharing you wonderful home with us. What a great space for kids to play and parents to talk. Thanks for everyone who came at and shared their yummy food. It was special.

Monday, February 21, 2011


March thursday 3/3rd 10 am - Nature Walk @ Riverbend Ponds. We will be hiking to the west side around the ponds. We will then have a picnic and play close to the end where there are lots of fun places to explore and play. Bring Lunch. We will be meeting up at the parking lot on the West side of Prospect.

Wednesday 3/9th- Children's Garden. We will be meeting at the Children's Garden around 10:30. I would like to meet up around 9:30 at a Parking lot along Spring Creek trail and walk to the Garden's. So you can meet up at the Garden's around 10:30 or meet up for the walk over. I will give Parking lot details soon. It is Stroller Friendly. Bring lunch to enjoy at the Chidren's Garden.

3/19th Full Moon Hike @ Devil's Backbone 6 pm. We may have a guided tour or may not. It is wonderful it falls on a Saturday so please come and bring the family and we can just go out and hike under the Full Worm Moon. Come and hike as long as you like.

LARIMER COUNTY GUIDED HIKES AND PROGRAMS (if interested with your family not organized with the Nature Tribe) • 3/19 @ 9am “Changing Seasons - Late Winter into Spring” at Devil’s Backbone Open Space. Take a look at the plants that poke up first as spring rolls into the foothills. No signup required. Hike rated easy about 2.5 miles

Spring Spring Equinox Celebration.. Details soon!!!

Thursday 3/24th- Nature Walk, Woodland Fairy house building day. I have been waiting for this day for such a long time. We will be building the sweetest fairy houses. We will be walking and collecting all sorts of natural building materials. I am so excited to do this and hopefully we can have a great turn out. I will be reading a story about these lovely woodland folk. I have done a submission for the online Magazine Rhythm of the home so when it is out you can view these sweet homes. we will be meeting up around 9:30. Place TBA. bring lunch

LARIMER COUNTY GUIDED HIKES AND PROGRAMS (if interested with your family not organized with the Nature Tribe) • “Early Spring Visitors and Nesters” at Devil’s Backbone Open Space. The early birds get the pick of the nests!learn about these interesting dynamics and more. No signup required.Hike rating: easy ~ 1.5 hrs. Saturday, March 26, 9:00 a.m.

April 13th- Our One Year Nature Tribe Pot-Luck Party at Spring Park. Come out and share in the fun. Bring something yummy to share. There will be a fun game for sure!!

Rest of Spring Schedule out soon. WE will be hosting a Let's G.O. celebration in April details TBA.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

It was a beautiful day. The views are gorgeous the air so fresh and crisp. This is what winter is all about! The kids didn't complain about being cold they where dressed in the snow suits, gloves,hats and scarves and where having a great time. A park ranger came for a hike and was so impressed at the kids out playing and having fun and mainly that we were out enjoying this amazing day Making amazing memories with our children!!! as they say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes!!
So I am going to go off track abit but, my son will be starting Kindergarten this fall and well all I hear is how things are going to change well i want to make the most of everyday and all weather before all of that changes. Of course we head out and do family trips but these memories he is having out with other friends is so important. The relationship at their age that they are creating with nature is priceless. I treasure these moments and take it all in with a huge inhale of fresh crisp winter air. I love that I have a community that wants to get out and enjoy these beautiful days together making memories. It truly fills my physically, mentally and spiritually!!
We got to track many different animal tracks. Which was fun trying to figure out which ones are which. They were following a mouse track then it would disappear and they would see the burrowing of the mouse in the snow then up again for tracks very cool and very fun!! We saw many Bobcat tracks to follow around. We were really scouting for a Bobcat but no luck today.

Look at the blue sky, beautiful snow and precious kids playing and hiking.
The tree speaks such old wisdom out there baring its soul.
Just Gorgeous

Really cool birdsnest in the barn.

Good-bye, and Happy snow Trails,
Looking forward to seeing many of you out soon .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Winter Pictures.

Nature, simple beauty

Fossil Creek OPen Space

Yay!! We had several new families out with the tribe today. I love it!

This sweet lil' boy is so darn cute I want to gobble him up.

The kiddos had a great time on the ice.

The sky was just majestic. Searching for the bald Eagles soaring through the sky. We looked and Looked.
The Gorgeous Colorado Mountains

Hugs and Happy Trails,

and just when you think you missed out... The Majestic Soars!!!