Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running Deer Nature Hike

What a wonderful day we had!! Truly beautiful! The weather was a bit over cast in the morning but the sun came through and it was great. We had a nice breeze now and again and warm warm sun. I love Running Deer and Cottonwillow natural areas. They are specially created for wildlife and no dogs or bikers allowed. Even though it is right of a main road after a few minutes you would never even now. Nature and wildlife and wildflowers abundant! We had a good turn out and we all had a wonderful time (hopefully). It was wonderful to meet some new Mama's and their kiddos always wonderful. Our first stop was by the pier of course so the kiddos can look. They saw many fish and spider webs was a big hit on the pier.

Strolling along the walk. The sky starting to clear up. There are so many different birds singing along it is so sweet. I want to learn about different birds and their songs. One day!

I love this guy! how cool is he just hanging out taking it all in and letting me snap some cool pic's. thanks toady! Really he is awesome!!

We are starting to stop for food and chat. The kiddos of course keep exploring and coming back for some munchies then off again.

Some really cool trees and stumps to climb and play on. What Great Fun!!!!

Some rolly poll's to look out. Under the rolled stump.
So what a wonderful day! Running Deer and Cottonwood Hollow are definitely natural areas worth going on a nature hike at. So much wildlife and exploring. We might make another time to go out. To all the families thank you for making the day beautiful!!

Thanks Julie for sharing some of the awesome pic's!

hugs and Happy Trails,

Looks like the Hawk got her lunch!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Advice From a Tree
  • Stand Tall and Proud
  • Sink Your Roots deeply into the Earth
  • Be Content with your Natural Beauty
  • Go Out on a Limb
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Remember your Roots
  • Enjoy the View!

wanted to share I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SAYING living everyday by these simple words. Perfect!