Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice Sun Catchers

The beauty of being outdoors and nature is there are wonderful simple things to make provided for you just outside. These sun catchers are very simple but very lovely to make.
Get some garden scissors and head out and collect some treasures and anything you can find will turn out lovely. We collected some berries, rosehips, pine needles, pinecones and dried grass.
I had terracotta saucers handy but, not a good choice I had to break it to get the catcher out. Linned with some sort of foil or wrap I am sure even a plastic bag would of worked just fine. I know that tin foil saucers work really well.

Arranged our treasures, cut some string or rope to hang and add water. Make sure you are going to have freezing weather to do this craft.

We let them sit over night then.......
Lovely, enjoy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Environmenal Learning Center nature hike

Cold, but such a beautiful hike. This is such a lovely area when of my favourites around town. Thank you to the families that made it out.. and enjoyed this walk.

I love winter shadows. It is such a wonderful time of year for shadow playing and viewing. Especially the trees with no leaves and all the shapes and lines. BEAUTY

Always have to have time for play and exploration.
Tracking animals. So much fun. This is a wonderful place to go early morning before any other hikers after snow to see the many different track marks.

some fierce animals hiding by the tree.
Such simply perfect art! Amazing the frost on the water was breath taking.

Good-bye and Happy snow Trails.