Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fossil Creek Reservoir

I love going to new places. This was a really wonderful nature hike. It was really open and tons of wild flowers and butterflies. The birds of course were singing their pretty song.

The boys were ready to hike. Most of the hike is on a gravel road it is stroller accesible but if i do it again i will ditch the stroller and pack up a back pack it wasn't that easy.
The boys were ready to head of on the hike.

I was trying to capture a butterfly. I can see it just abit in the middle of the picture.

There were a few thistles and they really stood out and the bees loved them.

This was a perfect resting spot. Loads of birds out on the lake. We saw Pelicans and they were gliding into the water and looked really big. There were several different ducks and a blue Heron. Inside there is a bird and duck guide of the different ones you will see out on the lake. It was very peaceful and the breeze felt wonderful.
It definetly is snack time. E. was enjoying his hat maybe not on his head but on his teeth. Such a sweet boy.

The dandelion fluff was a huge hit on the way home.

This picture is so sweet. What a way to chill tall grass, butterflies and some sun.

Good-bye... see you next time.
hugs and happy trails,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

July Events

Hello Tribe,

With the beautiful summer weather here I am going to be adding extra events.

July 7th - Hewlitt Gulch Trail meeting time 9:30 start hike around 9:45. It is so beautiful up the Poudre this hike is kid friendly, streams to walk through really fun for the kids, pretty flowers, nice resting spot to have some lunch worth coming to.

July 14th-10 am Spring Park Park Day. This will be our make up Silly Races day. It will be lots of fun for kids ALL AGES!! Dads if you can please come and join in. (yes, i have adult size sacs for the races). Bring lunch to enjoy after.

July 16th- Wild Flower walk at Bobcat Ridge with a Master Naturalist. Meet up at 9:30. I hear it is really pretty.

July 28th- 10am Nature hike at North Shields Ponds.

hugs and Happy trails,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice Party

Well, i want to say thank you to all the lovely people that came out today for the Solstice celebration and to all that didn't hope you had a wonderful first day of Summer. We had what seemed the pre-music crowd and the music crowd there definetly were a few through it all and beyond... but is was so wonderful and fun. I must admit though i was a bit uneased my reason but i just decided to let go and let the universe take care and it would all be fine.. and it was. Anyways, it was a wonderful day my camera ran out of batteries and wasn't working well so i do not have so many pic's but i do have a few to share.

We had a fun time making the flowers head wreaths. I tried to keep them simple. I shredded many strips of gauze material in several colours. We then braided them and added a few flowers. I think they looked really sweet.

Especially on the kids.... A. was being goofy with hers and seems ended up as a necklace. :)

More beautiful people making their flower wreaths. The older girls where enjoying making theirs... i thought it was perfect how sweet they were and beautiful!!

We also made seashell necklaces that a wonderful mama answered my call for a nature swap and sent me a wonderful bag of seashells, sand dollar pieces and coral. It is so beautiful how generous people can be and care they take into doing it. I drilled little holes in the shells and tied a piece of string. Then we put them on yarn and well they were sweet.

The lovely Sara to lead us in song. She is so lovely to be around and listen to i felt to blessed and excited when she said she would come and sing for the tribe on the Solstice. Thank you.

hugs and many summer blessings,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Solstice...

So i have been thinking lately about summer..and weirdly to me summer is the non-thinking season. It's the do season. Truly living the moment. I reflect back to well as far back as i can reflect and summer's were pure bliss. I grew up on Long Island, NY and we would drive to the beach my mom would pack and pack endlessly of stuff. Though i know that now because i do it when we head out for the day but i never realized what it all intailed but i do now. It was wonderful, nature and outdoors for my mom was everything and we got to enjoy all of it with her. I am so grateful for that. As i got older I remember sitting outside in the evening time and just embracing the evening air, thinking of the day and yea, getting ready for tomorrow.

Summer is so abundant! The full Trees so strong and the Willow Trees gently swaying and right now the sweet smell of their flowers. Flowers, flowers everywhere flowers just bits of colour all around. There is also something to the early summer and the later summer that is treasurable. The funny thing summer isn't my favourite season if i had to choose one but it definetly is strong. The sun makes it full of life and starts the cycle for the plants, animals and bugs and all that stuff.

So tribe enjoy these wonderful months given to us to be outside bask in the sun. Enjoy the evenings under the stars with the moon. Get wet, get dirty, go to bed smelling full of fresh air, go camping, hiking, put your feet in the cool running streams, be barefoot, feel the grass, lie and smell mother earth, smile, be kind, live life, be free and MAKE MEMORIES....

Looking forward to sharing this beautiful summer with you all!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Viestenz Smith Mountain Park

Can you say lovely in Loveland. Ok. I have to say i have driven to Estes many times and had no idea this park was on the way. It is like a hidden piece of Nature Bliss. I loved it. Thank you Suzy. We had a wonderful turnout on the Park day. Always a treat to meet new Mama's and the lovely kiddos. We did a nature scavengar hunt which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed putting the scavengar hunt together and making the bags. What fun!!

We are ready.... lets go!!

Trying to find our stuff... what fun places to look. But what you cannot see is on the otherside was the Big Thompson River just rushing like mad. It was so powerful, awesome and a bit scary!! How powerful nature is.

Look found some wildflowers!!!

Get to see some of the awesome finds. L. had some really neet rocks to show us.

Then to good kid fun on the playground. They liked piling up on the slide.

chillin' eating some lunch.

Good bye- thanks for a nature blissful day!!
Another really cool thing and I so wished i took my camera. Me and a few kiddos took off on another nature scavengar hunt and climbed a cliff on the west end. When we reached the top because it was so sunny was more arid nature. The wildflowers were so different cactus, mullein. It was really neet as the other part was a green heaven.

Hugs and Happy Trails,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Young Gulch Trail

Another beautiful nature hike with the tribe!! What a fun trail, lots of cold water to trek through, pretty wildflowers all around. It was so peaceful, birdies chirping, listening to the water run down the mountain side. It was lovely!!

The river was cold but was really fun treking through. Or climbing on the rocks.

A lot of exploring for the kids. Looking at the different plants. They all needed their walking sticks. They came in handy for climbing through the waters. We even had a log bridge to climb over.

Had to keep up with Papa Jeremy who was giving them a lesson on various plants, lichen and moss.

What a sweet picture of Mother and Daughter they are so beautiful.

Stop to snack and rest. Then it was time to head back down. It is always so enjoyable to stop chat and relax to sounds of nature. As i type this my yogi tea says "Nature is a giver, a true friend and a sustainer. Couldn't be more true and to share it with beautiful friends. PERFECT!

Good Bye!!!

Hugs and Happy Trails,