Thursday, June 3, 2010

Young Gulch Trail

Another beautiful nature hike with the tribe!! What a fun trail, lots of cold water to trek through, pretty wildflowers all around. It was so peaceful, birdies chirping, listening to the water run down the mountain side. It was lovely!!

The river was cold but was really fun treking through. Or climbing on the rocks.

A lot of exploring for the kids. Looking at the different plants. They all needed their walking sticks. They came in handy for climbing through the waters. We even had a log bridge to climb over.

Had to keep up with Papa Jeremy who was giving them a lesson on various plants, lichen and moss.

What a sweet picture of Mother and Daughter they are so beautiful.

Stop to snack and rest. Then it was time to head back down. It is always so enjoyable to stop chat and relax to sounds of nature. As i type this my yogi tea says "Nature is a giver, a true friend and a sustainer. Couldn't be more true and to share it with beautiful friends. PERFECT!

Good Bye!!!

Hugs and Happy Trails,



  1. We had so much fun; it was especially wonderful to watch the different aged kids mingle and help and encourage each other along the trail. Nature truly is a beautiful school!

  2. Love the picture and blog post!

    When I asked Lennon and River 'what their favorite part of the day was' they both agreed it was 'crossing the rivers with Aidan.' I love that my boys are able to experience nature with their friends and other adults (not just something they do with their parents). The seeds are being planted that our kids with have a life-long love of nature. Beautiful!

  3. This was so fun! Can't wait for the next one!

  4. It was great... I love looking back and seeing the kids enjoying each other exploring and having fun. Aidan's favourite part also was the hike with Lennon and River. When we were going to bed I asked him what beautiful thing you heard today and he said "The river running". Just love that. So looking forward for what is ahead.