Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Viestenz Smith Mountain Park

Can you say lovely in Loveland. Ok. I have to say i have driven to Estes many times and had no idea this park was on the way. It is like a hidden piece of Nature Bliss. I loved it. Thank you Suzy. We had a wonderful turnout on the Park day. Always a treat to meet new Mama's and the lovely kiddos. We did a nature scavengar hunt which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed putting the scavengar hunt together and making the bags. What fun!!

We are ready.... lets go!!

Trying to find our stuff... what fun places to look. But what you cannot see is on the otherside was the Big Thompson River just rushing like mad. It was so powerful, awesome and a bit scary!! How powerful nature is.

Look found some wildflowers!!!

Get to see some of the awesome finds. L. had some really neet rocks to show us.

Then to good kid fun on the playground. They liked piling up on the slide.

chillin' eating some lunch.

Good bye- thanks for a nature blissful day!!
Another really cool thing and I so wished i took my camera. Me and a few kiddos took off on another nature scavengar hunt and climbed a cliff on the west end. When we reached the top because it was so sunny was more arid nature. The wildflowers were so different cactus, mullein. It was really neet as the other part was a green heaven.

Hugs and Happy Trails,


  1. Great post Angela...I LOVE this park and think it is quite lovely in Loveland!!

  2. My little man missed the scavenger hunt part of the afternoon, but all week since then he's been smelling every flower we see, and picking up pinecones all over Old Town. :)