Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Club Reviewing Last Child in the Woods

The Tribe will be doing a book club on Last Child in the Woods. We are going to meet once in the evening manly for Mama's or Dad's. We also will be meeting in the day for mama's with kiddos. Please come to both if you want/can I am sure the discussions will be different.
***** CHANGE OF DAY TIME AND PLACE!!!!The first meeting will be October 29th @ 6:00 At Cafe Vino.
The second will be November 2nd. We will be meeting with the Naturally Parenting Group that meets in Loveland on that day 10am. We will start the discussion at 10:15 am.
I would love as many to get out and discuss. If you are unable to finish the book please come. I am sure we can share many ideas and enjoy the listening.

If you have not already received the information we are planning an outing to the Environmental Film Festival this year in Golden Colorado shortly following these disscussions. To see the film Play Again. hopefully many can make it!! please if you have any questions or comments please get in contact with me.
Happy Trails,

Running Deer

Well tribe my camera has broke.. My back up picture mama was unable to attend so there are no pic's of today. I am taking the time to post something because this is such a wonderful peaceful walk. Running Deer is worth going to even to spend an hour. There are many birds that hover, once you walk a bit is very quiet from Prospect Rd. The leaves are so sweet and yellow. When we stopped for lunch about half way under a shady tree the kids got to explore around.

Then walk back was quicker and the whole time was just about 2 hours. The time seemed perfect for today and was just such a sweet time. The group was small and we had one new mama and her two kiddos to our tribe.

Thank you,
Hugs and Happy Trails

Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Equinox Harvest Festival

What a fun Autumn day at Harvest Farms.

The corn boxes where so much fun. The kids played in the for so long and they felt really good on barefeet!

To the corn maze we went. There was some deciding on the big corn maze or the smaller one. We decided on the smaller one which was good because some of us still got a bit lost.

and then we met up at the water cooler.

Just strolling around!
off on our hayride!
Look it's Farmer Rick! our nice guide

Howdy! yes, he awfully cute
It was a really great day to bring in Autumn. I loved seeing all the families coming out and joining us! of course looking forward to more adventures ahead!
hugs and Happy Trails,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Viestenz Smith Mountain Park

Our 2nd Nature Scavengar hunt was soooo much fun!

We went out to find how many different leaves we could find...

The kids really excited to show each other there finds!! and to see who got what leaf.

Just to cute to pass up!

Then we went back and did some leaf rubbings of our finds!

And then to some free fun kid play
Good bye!
hugs and happy trails,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hewlitt Gulch

Just one of my favourite hikes. This was the third time we made it out there together with the tribe. This is such a wonderful hike for kids easy, they love the water crossings, little fishies, bugs and abundant of butterflies.

I love all the mama's!!

This lil' man is awesome A. is just two and hiking all the way. He would keep going if you let him.

Some cool old homesteads from the 1800's that are left around. The kids can investigate and play around!

And this babe is adorable. Well Good-bye all and until next time.
Happy Trails and hugs,