Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waldorf Inspired Public School

Hi All. I am passing on this information of an excellent opportunity to bring Waldorf Education to Fort Collins.  Please read and if at all interested attend one of the Information enrollment meetings in January.  Read Below for all information. Whether or not this fits into your family education style it is an awesome opportunity for our community!!! 

Waldorf-Inspired Public School Offers a New Choice for Families in Fort Collins

Mountain Sage Community School is free, public, charter school inspired by Waldorf Education and Sustainable living.  Approved by the Poudre School District Board of Education October 2011, Mountain Sage is set to open in Fall 2012.  The school will serve k-4 students in its first year of operation, and will grow by one grade each year until becoming a K-8 school.

Created by parents and educators in Fort Collins, Colorado, Mountain Sage is dedicated to education that respects the creative journey of childhood.  Waldorf-inspired education integrates the arts (music, movement, story, drawing and more) into the learning process of all academic subjects, offering students an experience that fully engages and empowers them.  Waldorf-inspired education offers a time-tested, research based approach that enables each student to reach their highest academic and creative potentials.  Sustainable living practices are fully integrated into school life to offer children the powerful experience of stewardship and positive community action. 

Mountain Sage is currently accepting Intent to Enroll forms for k-4 students and will be hosting several informational enrollment events in January 2012.

These events offer the opportunity to learn more, get involved, have your questions answered and meet the founders.

All events will be held at The Gardens on Spring Creek (2145 Centre Avenue, Fort Collins 80526) in the Evelyn Clark classroom.  Informational enrollment meetings are from 2-3pm every Saturday in January 7,14,21 and 28.

Educational programming at Mountain Sage Community School includes:

  • Arts-integrated, experiential, nature-based curriculum that fully incorporates Colorado Academic Standards.
  • Age appropriate music instruction, world language imersion classes, gardening, handwork, artistic movement instruction for all grades.
  •  A nurturing kindergarten program that emphasizes play, structure (daily rhythm) and social development
  • Class and teacher continuity over a number of years creates strong relationships that promote academic achievement.
  • Ample outdoor time that promotes balanced development and respect for the natural world. 

To learn more visit

The above information was passed on to me from a tribe Mama Andi who is working very hard to bring this to our community!!
Happy Trails,

Friday, December 30, 2011

Nature Walk Riverbend Ponds 12/30

 What a wonderful winter hike the weather was gorgeous and we were off for some nature fun!!!

 I just love the still-ness of Winter, the trees so bare taking a rest until spring!!

 The Ice was sooo beautiful the cracks, natures art is absolutly the best!!!

 Always a  rest to throw rocks in the water.. it is like therapy
 Have a lovely, peaceful and safe New Years everyone!! May the year ahead be filled with all that your heart desires and more!! Follow your Bliss.... always
Good-bye and Happy Trails, Angela

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nature Walk/free play Environmental Learning Center

This is always truly one of my favorite areas to go walk, hike, explore and be free.  I love that at different times of exploring brings different elements every  time.  The children just so into free play and imagination and outside time. 

 They will get involved with different elements of their surroundings and with different kids at different times and ages.
 and you will have individual play!!
 Group play

 and being bears and cute bears!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

December Events

Hi my lovely Tribe,

This is what we are planning for December:

Monday  12/12 @ 5pm meet up for the Lights at the Children's Garden. We will spend an hour walking, looking, playing.  Please dress appropriatly and bring a warm drink if you want!!!

Wednesday 12/14 @ 1:30pm meet up at The Environmental Learning Center for nature free play and walk.  Please dress for the weather and bring snacks, water and what ever you might need for outdoor fun!!!

Wednesday 12/21 WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION  (check out last years event) we will meet at 3pm-6pm for Outdoor tree decorating for the birds and squirrels, story time, songs and some light snacks.  We can all bring something light to share I will have apple cider.   More information will be sent out shortly.

Thursday 12/29 Nature Walk TBA!!

I have missed you all so much and being outside exploring and having fun!!! We are going to have a great winter!! Hope everyone is having a Beautiful Holiday Season!!

Happy Snow Trails,
Please email with any questions!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ready Again

Hello My Dear Tribe and Followers,

We are ready again and we are going to keep up with our outings. This has been an intense Autumn for me but as things become back to normal we are ready.

For the winter months our 2nd Wednesday of the months outtings will be held at the Enviornmental Learing Center. This is a wonderful area for Nature walks and exploring. We are free to roam, climb trees go of the beaten track to explore and have free fun play.

Our 4th Thursday hikes with be TBA that month.

We will be having out Winter Solstice party Wednesday the 21st 3pm at My home. More information will be sent out closer to the time but please view our celebration last year .

I am so looking forward to getting on in nature and enjoying the beauty with all the amazing friends and family of this tribe.

Happy Trails,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

NIx Natural Area/ Fairy House building

For me this was a very special day. Wonderful area, great story, beautiful people what else can you ask for. We started out finding our hidden forest for our fairy houses. Then read the book Fairy Houses, by Tracy Kane great book it allows the magic of the woods come to life.

We had some sweet fairies of our own.
So fun yet serious fairy house constuction under way.

The above fairy house was a group effort with levels.
The kids explored the area found their spots near water, trees, twigs, fallen trees. then they started building. The one rule of the woods is to use only natural elements for the area and not to use live plants unless you do not have to pull it out to use it. These houses were constucted with twigs, bark, rocks, and anything found around them. It was a treasure to watch these children with such happiness create these lovely homes.

Happy Fairy House building,


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Farm Day at the Jedel-Graff Farm

What a fun Farm day out at the Jedel-Graff farm Friday. You get to catch chickens, hang with goats, ride a pony and play at the FARM!!!

Happy Farming y'all!!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Solstice Celebration

It is that time of year again when things start heating up and there are so many wonderful things to do and enjoy in nature. As the days get longer we have more time to enjoy and share.

We are going to have a lovely celebration for the first day of summer!!! There will henna, flowers, nature weaving, nature necklaces, stories and Potluck.. Please come and share the enjoyment of the wonderful sun, summer and all that brings to you!!!

Bring something yummy to share!!

JUNE 21ST Tuesday

***** We will be meeting at Cottonwood Glen Park. Which is west from Spring Canyon Park off of W. Horsetooth. Look at the map.

Summer Blessings to all!!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Schedule


Wednesday June 8th- Sunrise Ranch fun day Farm Tour. We will start to meet up around 9:45am. If you want to have a yummy lunch out at the ranch go to link to register. You can bring your own then registration is mandatory.

Saturday June 11th- National get outdoors Day. At Spring Creek Canyon park west side.come out and play. I will be leading a group in doing Fairy Houses but there are lots of fun things going on. We can meet up find a spot with picnic blankets and have lunch and whatever!!!
There will be demostrations on, fly fishing, rock climbing, car camping and cooking tips and more!!

Wednesday June 15th- Gateway Project. I will send out an email with the Mama's and kiddos that will be planting. If you sent an email with an interest I have you down.

Tuesday June 21st- Summer Solstice Celebration. We will meet up around 10 am for nature play, making nature necklaces, playing with flowers in our hair. This will be a summer potluck of yummy food.

Thursday June 23rd- Nature Walk at Young Gulch. Beautiful wild flowers and butterflies. Bring Lunch on the walk, there is water crossings so make sure you have shoes that can get wet... Maybe bring dry clothes in the car for after. We will start meet up around 9:45 start off around 10am.

Sunday June 26th- Sweatlodge. I have sent the details out to those that are interested. If you are interested please contact me


Wednesday July 6th- Nature Walk TBA

Wednesday July 13th- BEACH TIME!! We will be meeting at the Beach in Loveland around 10am. We can chill and play in the water and hang out. Bring lunch

Thursday July 14th- Nighttime picnic and play under the Full Buck Moon. Lets have a potluck dinner and hang out and play and stay while the moonrises. Time and place to be announced!!

Wednesday July 20th- Music at the Lagoon at CSU. The Band Hollyfelds. Lets meet around 6:00 ish bring dinner and drink and listen to music and the kiddos can play.

Thursday July 28th- Butterfly Woods Nature Walk this will be an educational visit with a Master Naturalist. Bring lunch for afterwards. Meet up around 9:30am. More details soon.


Wednesday August 10th- Nature Walk TBA

The schedule after school starts will change we will meet up Wednesday afternoons and a Thursday morning. Schedule will be up later.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park. Nature Scavengar Hunt

What a wonderful day out with the tribe.. Some days just hold a spot in my nature soul and this was one of those days.. truthfully though many do. This mountain park is really sweet and hidden off the road. It is always such a fun time when we head out here. We did a nature scavengar hunt, split into a few groups and headed out!! There are so many ways to do nature scavengar hunts and such fun ways to spend time outside exploring and learning and having tons of fun...

Our Nature Scavengar Hunt.

Write down and talk about with the kids the following:

  • Find a large rock or branch on the ground look under it. Do you see any bugs? How Many? What type? (kids love this type of exploring)

  • Cany you find leaves on teh ground? are they new? Rotting? (you can talk about the decomposition of leaves and how it feeds the earth)

  • Are there wild flowers blooming? What colours? can you identify any of them? (learn a few in your area alittle at a time soon you will now many)

  • Is the water running? high or Low? Where does that water come from?

  • Are there leaves budding on the trees? are there flowers? this is seasonal and a good observation for spring when there are flowers first.

  • If the kids are comfortale blind fold them loosly and feel a tree. Move you hands around and ask how it feels. This might be something the parent does first for kids to be comfortable it is great for everyone to try and feel a tree!

Then when the hunt is done.. some lunch then off for some free fun and exploring!!

Dog Pile on Mama Sara

one pile up on Mama Jenae

Mama Sarah giving free swing ridessweet little girl with a love of shoes.

Next up plane rides....

The love for water it is so soul soothing......

an AWESOME smile
goofy grins


hugs and Happy Trails,