Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park. Nature Scavengar Hunt

What a wonderful day out with the tribe.. Some days just hold a spot in my nature soul and this was one of those days.. truthfully though many do. This mountain park is really sweet and hidden off the road. It is always such a fun time when we head out here. We did a nature scavengar hunt, split into a few groups and headed out!! There are so many ways to do nature scavengar hunts and such fun ways to spend time outside exploring and learning and having tons of fun...

Our Nature Scavengar Hunt.

Write down and talk about with the kids the following:

  • Find a large rock or branch on the ground look under it. Do you see any bugs? How Many? What type? (kids love this type of exploring)

  • Cany you find leaves on teh ground? are they new? Rotting? (you can talk about the decomposition of leaves and how it feeds the earth)

  • Are there wild flowers blooming? What colours? can you identify any of them? (learn a few in your area alittle at a time soon you will now many)

  • Is the water running? high or Low? Where does that water come from?

  • Are there leaves budding on the trees? are there flowers? this is seasonal and a good observation for spring when there are flowers first.

  • If the kids are comfortale blind fold them loosly and feel a tree. Move you hands around and ask how it feels. This might be something the parent does first for kids to be comfortable it is great for everyone to try and feel a tree!

Then when the hunt is done.. some lunch then off for some free fun and exploring!!

Dog Pile on Mama Sara

one pile up on Mama Jenae

Mama Sarah giving free swing ridessweet little girl with a love of shoes.

Next up plane rides....

The love for water it is so soul soothing......

an AWESOME smile
goofy grins


hugs and Happy Trails,


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