Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I will have all the details up soon until then this is what we have planned

June 6th- Farm day at Laughing Buck Farm (aka Rosemary's) 11 am

June 20th- Summer Solstice Celebration- Gateway Park it is up the Poudre Canyon, we will have a fun hike, make nature necklaces, picnic lunch and fun play.  They have a natural playscape area for kids.  There is a $5 parking fee so carpool if needed 9:30am

June 25th- Summer Fairy House building- Place TBA always my favourite activity with the kids!!! 9:30 am

I have Hewlitt Gulch for the 27th Wednesday but not sure if it will be open to walk  but will keep all posted!!! If not we will do a Nature Walk around Pineridge/Dixon Reservoir. 9:30am

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why snow is the best!!!!

My son decides that snow is the best because not only do you play in it you can also work.  He goes outside to clean the sidewalk off for everybody.
Had to share his love for being outside.
Happy Trails,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fossil Ridge Open Space Nature Walk

Welcome and enjoy!!!

Our nature walk out at Fossil Ridge Open Space was wonderful!! This hike is wonderful in the winter non- windy day.  The sky, clouds and the views of the open space is gorgeous.  This time of year the Bald Eagles are roosting so you can only walk the Sandpiper trail. It is a one way in and out but there is a viewing area.  This area is great to stop at and have a snack and play on the ice!!!! 

 Don't mess with a boy and his suit coat!! adorable

amazing how the rock and its bubbles froze as the rock is falling.  The kids loved viewing the different rocks and shapes in the ice.
Good-bye my Friends, Happy Trails ~Angela

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thursday January 5th, Nature Walk

HI Tribe,

We will be meeting at Fossil Ridge Reservoir at 10am for a nature walk. We will be walking the sandpiper trail because the CAttail trail is closed for protection of the Bald Eagles that roost in the winter!! Bring binoculars  if you have them hopefully we can see some bald eagles!!!

Happy Trails,

last years visit