Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hike Cathy Fromme Prairie

Another wonderful day out with the tribe. The morning was really wonderful. Windy for sure
but everyone seemed to just be really happy walking, talking and enjoying being outside together. I really need to share with everyone how much i enjoy being out with you and be-ing in nature having fun. I love it so much already.

I think what we really wonderful about the hike was that we went at our own paces. Some where moving ahead some had to be in the middle and some just moved along slower depending on our childrens needs. But, in the end we all met to sit eat and laugh. How wonderful is that. We sat enjoyed the sun, air, food and the nature. Wonderful sweet birds chirping. I wish i knew more about the birds. I am hoping to set up a bird walk with help from another mama in our tribe. Funny, where we were hiking there are rattlesnake warnings not sure if that is funny but more or less i guess we were lucky we didn't come across one especially because the recommend where boots. LOL...

The kids were so amazing to watch. They formed their own circle and was really intrigued by the bugs moving around. My son said they watched a spider eating an ant. I was wondering if they really were. They were extremely happy doing their own thing and coming around when they needed something to eat.

On the way back it was great mom's pushing strollers with other kids then their own. Kids running to find new things along the way.. This was one pretty successful hike and really looking forward to more to come. Also, to the mama's that didn't make it that day seeing you in the future. We really had a wonderful time...
Happy Trails,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Hike Day

Ok, so our first hike day is soon here us and really looking forward to it. They hike/stroll is pretty easy it's paved the entire way for stroller friendly and with the weather we have been having not to much mud to deal with. We will have some hikes a head that are dirt paved but it the warmer less wet times should be really fun. The hike area Cathy Fromme Praire does not have picnic tables so think about that with snack or lunch that you will bring. There is no really set time for the end and will we see how it goes. We will definitely keep others hikers and bikers in mind. Of course bring what you will need water, sunscreen, hats and anything else. I keep a standard first aid kit in my car so that will be at hand if needed....

See you all soon,
Happy Trails,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Day!!

Yay, what a turn out we had approximately 50 total parents and kids. The weather was wonderful spring day, the company was great all in all the day was GREAT!!! We did a getting to know you game called Instant Replay. Everyone participated and the kids had a wonderful time just acting out the animals. Everyone got into a circle about arms with apart. Someone went into the middle (usually mom and kid/s) and said their name and acted out being some kind of animal. When they returned to their spot on the circle the rest of the group acted out what they just acted and said their name. It was fun!!

I am not sure about the bubbles but I had a wonderful time making the bubble wands. Just wished they worked better but what can you do. They will now be turned into nets for future nature expeditions for the kids.

Thank you everyone for enjoying a wonderful park day playing, relaxing, eating and just be-ing!!!
Happy Trails,

A few of the kids were enjoying their "first lady bug of the season" crawl around on the hands. It was wonderful how excited, how they shared and kept their attention for sometime... it's what it is all about!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Meet-up Park Day

Yay, here we go our first meet up will be April 14th at Spring Park next to The Firehouse.
Time: 10am - approx. 2-3 hours but no really set end time .

We will be doing a Getting to know you activity and bubble fun!!

Bring: lunch/food, water, blanket, sunscreen, whatever you feel you might need!
I will have a first-aid kit

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am really excited of the start of our Nature Tribe. I love to be outdoors, I love watching children explore and discover the wonders of nature. I think what a great way to have community then to do it with other families. We are so truly blessed to live where we do. There are so many nature areas and parks it will take years to get to them all. Our wildlife and native plants are abundant and ready to be explored. This is a Nature tribe that we are all building and growing together.

How this came about: I was looking up nature ideas and came across and a few minutes of reading what the organization was about got so inspired that i needed to do this. I then proceded to the sister page and that was it. Richard Louv author of Last Child in The Woods which i truly recommend everyone reading. I read the book a couple of years and ago and has beside many other things given me hope and confidence in raising our children to be outside and explorers. The idea of the nature clubs not only provide strong community but also, comfort in numbers in getting out with others.

To all the families and friends "LET'S GET OUTSIDE AND HAVE FUN"

I want to share: The other day i spent so much time outside and when i was home i had this feeling that i just took the longest shower in the air. The smell, the feeling and peace. What a way to be!