Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Day!!

Yay, what a turn out we had approximately 50 total parents and kids. The weather was wonderful spring day, the company was great all in all the day was GREAT!!! We did a getting to know you game called Instant Replay. Everyone participated and the kids had a wonderful time just acting out the animals. Everyone got into a circle about arms with apart. Someone went into the middle (usually mom and kid/s) and said their name and acted out being some kind of animal. When they returned to their spot on the circle the rest of the group acted out what they just acted and said their name. It was fun!!

I am not sure about the bubbles but I had a wonderful time making the bubble wands. Just wished they worked better but what can you do. They will now be turned into nets for future nature expeditions for the kids.

Thank you everyone for enjoying a wonderful park day playing, relaxing, eating and just be-ing!!!
Happy Trails,

A few of the kids were enjoying their "first lady bug of the season" crawl around on the hands. It was wonderful how excited, how they shared and kept their attention for sometime... it's what it is all about!!

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  1. hey angela! thanks for organizing; it was lots of fun! one question for you - you say that you'll be turning the bubble wands into "nets" ...what type of nets? I'm hoping it's not for catching any of our flying friends...insects and butterflies can get squashed and injured very easily in nets, not to mention the stress of being caught, pulled out, and examined...
    thanks again! :)