Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Hike Day

Ok, so our first hike day is soon here us and really looking forward to it. They hike/stroll is pretty easy it's paved the entire way for stroller friendly and with the weather we have been having not to much mud to deal with. We will have some hikes a head that are dirt paved but it the warmer less wet times should be really fun. The hike area Cathy Fromme Praire does not have picnic tables so think about that with snack or lunch that you will bring. There is no really set time for the end and will we see how it goes. We will definitely keep others hikers and bikers in mind. Of course bring what you will need water, sunscreen, hats and anything else. I keep a standard first aid kit in my car so that will be at hand if needed....

See you all soon,
Happy Trails,

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