Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice Party

Well, i want to say thank you to all the lovely people that came out today for the Solstice celebration and to all that didn't hope you had a wonderful first day of Summer. We had what seemed the pre-music crowd and the music crowd there definetly were a few through it all and beyond... but is was so wonderful and fun. I must admit though i was a bit uneased my reason but i just decided to let go and let the universe take care and it would all be fine.. and it was. Anyways, it was a wonderful day my camera ran out of batteries and wasn't working well so i do not have so many pic's but i do have a few to share.

We had a fun time making the flowers head wreaths. I tried to keep them simple. I shredded many strips of gauze material in several colours. We then braided them and added a few flowers. I think they looked really sweet.

Especially on the kids.... A. was being goofy with hers and seems ended up as a necklace. :)

More beautiful people making their flower wreaths. The older girls where enjoying making theirs... i thought it was perfect how sweet they were and beautiful!!

We also made seashell necklaces that a wonderful mama answered my call for a nature swap and sent me a wonderful bag of seashells, sand dollar pieces and coral. It is so beautiful how generous people can be and care they take into doing it. I drilled little holes in the shells and tied a piece of string. Then we put them on yarn and well they were sweet.

The lovely Sara to lead us in song. She is so lovely to be around and listen to i felt to blessed and excited when she said she would come and sing for the tribe on the Solstice. Thank you.

hugs and many summer blessings,

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