Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Solstice...

So i have been thinking lately about summer..and weirdly to me summer is the non-thinking season. It's the do season. Truly living the moment. I reflect back to well as far back as i can reflect and summer's were pure bliss. I grew up on Long Island, NY and we would drive to the beach my mom would pack and pack endlessly of stuff. Though i know that now because i do it when we head out for the day but i never realized what it all intailed but i do now. It was wonderful, nature and outdoors for my mom was everything and we got to enjoy all of it with her. I am so grateful for that. As i got older I remember sitting outside in the evening time and just embracing the evening air, thinking of the day and yea, getting ready for tomorrow.

Summer is so abundant! The full Trees so strong and the Willow Trees gently swaying and right now the sweet smell of their flowers. Flowers, flowers everywhere flowers just bits of colour all around. There is also something to the early summer and the later summer that is treasurable. The funny thing summer isn't my favourite season if i had to choose one but it definetly is strong. The sun makes it full of life and starts the cycle for the plants, animals and bugs and all that stuff.

So tribe enjoy these wonderful months given to us to be outside bask in the sun. Enjoy the evenings under the stars with the moon. Get wet, get dirty, go to bed smelling full of fresh air, go camping, hiking, put your feet in the cool running streams, be barefoot, feel the grass, lie and smell mother earth, smile, be kind, live life, be free and MAKE MEMORIES....

Looking forward to sharing this beautiful summer with you all!!


  1. What a beautiful post Angela...and so inspiring!

  2. thank you. We are so blessed with such beauty outside I love it!