Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

It was a beautiful day. The views are gorgeous the air so fresh and crisp. This is what winter is all about! The kids didn't complain about being cold they where dressed in the snow suits, gloves,hats and scarves and where having a great time. A park ranger came for a hike and was so impressed at the kids out playing and having fun and mainly that we were out enjoying this amazing day Making amazing memories with our children!!! as they say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes!!
So I am going to go off track abit but, my son will be starting Kindergarten this fall and well all I hear is how things are going to change well i want to make the most of everyday and all weather before all of that changes. Of course we head out and do family trips but these memories he is having out with other friends is so important. The relationship at their age that they are creating with nature is priceless. I treasure these moments and take it all in with a huge inhale of fresh crisp winter air. I love that I have a community that wants to get out and enjoy these beautiful days together making memories. It truly fills my physically, mentally and spiritually!!
We got to track many different animal tracks. Which was fun trying to figure out which ones are which. They were following a mouse track then it would disappear and they would see the burrowing of the mouse in the snow then up again for tracks very cool and very fun!! We saw many Bobcat tracks to follow around. We were really scouting for a Bobcat but no luck today.

Look at the blue sky, beautiful snow and precious kids playing and hiking.
The tree speaks such old wisdom out there baring its soul.
Just Gorgeous

Really cool birdsnest in the barn.

Good-bye, and Happy snow Trails,
Looking forward to seeing many of you out soon .

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