Friday, July 9, 2010

Hewlitt Gulch Trail

BEAUTIFUL!!!! This hike is gorgeous... Worth going again. So if you haven't made the Poudre hikes we are going to have to take this one again. Hewlett Gulch is nature bliss. The wildflowers are abundant and gorgeous... These orange Poppies are vibrant and full of life. I can imagine what they looked like 3-4 weeks ago. I noticed many poppy heads so I am sure certain areas along the hike there were fields of Poppies. That would be beautiful. So I am guessing these are Papaver Orientalis.. I am going to have to get myself a book and name every wildflower I see. I know a handful but I want to know them all.

Our sweet fluttery friends of the hike.

how sweet is nature! I believe being in nature creates compassion. I also believe we need more compassion in the world. Giving this free gift to ourselves and children is creating compassion and beauty. Being able to be given the connectedness with nature and the gifts we are given brings a closeness or gratitude towards nature. I think children being able at a young age see how nature co-exists with each other gives an understanding that creates compassion. Yes, i can be rambling and/or trying to put into words how i feel... hope it makes some sense.
Flowering Cactus.
One i must identify!!
Our hiking friends of the trail. :)
This area was pretty exciting for the little ones who soon became rock climbers. It was one they had to tackle by themselves. I love watching their brains manouvering them through the rocks.
Of course tree climbing. This is the first area along Hewlett Gulch where you see the old building foundations. They are the remains of Old Poudre Park a Homestead settled around 1911
Always a good day for fishing!!!!!
Linus was a trooper.. he hiked the whole way!!!

Fishing poles turned hiking sticks turned watch out if you come close to these boys sticks ;) I absolutely love this picture..

Time to eat!! and Ash wanted the sun.... and let me tell you how sweet and sneaky this adorable boy was on the hike...

ooooh pretty flowers.... i love the natural landscape of this pic... something that you might want to create in your own garden. But, of course can not really touch on. Unless of course you live here.

Ok so we enjoyed this lovely spot to eat and take a break.. It is a castle! ok, notice Ash if you think he might be making a run for it- he is!! and was really darn cute.. but as a watcher.. mom, well maybe might of wished for a sitting less running up the path kidd-0! but he is soooo sweet.

playing in the castle.. it was great for climbing and fun imaginative play!

Yes, i think she might of had a rough night or car ride.. but she needed to climb and walk around the castle!

Yes, that is sweet Ash making a run for it! AGAIN, AGAIN!!

To me the many stream crossings makes these hikes up the Poudre. They are refreshing and fun.... the kids loved walking through them and splashing a bit.

Skylar trying really hard not to get wet... but well he was pretty wet. They loved the water and walking up the stream a bit.. big explorers!!

I think Skylar gave up... he fell in the water so he GOT WET!! We all had such a joyful, beautiful, listening to the wonderful nature time...

Hugs and Happy Trails friends,

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