Friday, October 15, 2010

City Park

What a fun day we had!!!! Sarah L. was so awesome to bring supplies needed to make Autumn Placemats and they turned out wonderful!! If you get the chance to do these with your kiddos do!! The kids all played for a bit before we headed out on our leaf hunt.
We decided to take a walk around the lake and hunt for different coloured and style leaves. The trees are so pretty and yummy!! I can just eat up Autumn the air was so lovely chilly in the shade but wonderful in the sun!!! That is Autumn!
Their hands stayed glued together on the basket to collect leaves!

And then the fun turn the walk took!! did someone say APPLES!!! Yes, we came across a wonderful abundant apple tree, and it was ready for some pickin"
tree climbing just isn't for the kiddos'
but, they had to get up and enjoy the fun
They were very sweet together!!!

That was fun!! then we continued on our hike for leaves and returned to make our Autumn Place Mats!!


Hugs and Happy Trails,


To make placemats, you need contact paper, tissue paper and lovely Autumn Coloured leaves. I found the tissue paper works great to hold the placemat together. Put the tissue paper on a flat surface, place the leaves on top how you want it to look. Then put the contact paper on the top and smooth out. Then add another peice of contact paper on the bottom. I didn't have a camera to take pictures of the process!! Good luck and enjoy!

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