Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bartles Farm!!

Pumpkin Patch Yay!! What a really wonderful place to go and pick your pumpkins. The kids do so much playing first.. We made this lovely Autumn Maple head Wreaths for the kids. We actually collected the leaves and brought them with us to make there. Seemed like the perfect thing to do!

enjoying the sweet animals
Waiting for the hayride

Getting Really excited for the hayride!
Bartles Farms is definitly worth the trip. A great family place to go and hang out enjoying Autumn celebrations. It is free to go and only $1 for the hayride and the pumpkins are very resonably priced. You can head out and pick your own from the patch or choose from the many around the farm.

Hugs and Happy Trails,
Hope you are getting and enjoying this wonderful Autumn weather EVERYDAY!!!


  1. Looks fun! What a great time the tribe is having this Fall!

  2. We are Suzy!! Hope all is good with you!!