Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have an outside Time Out Today

Take the time out today and enjoy being outside.

Story time- Find a nice tree to lean on or bring a blanket and read a story outside, breathing in the fresh lovely air. Make up your own story about the tree you are sitting under, or clouds in the sky, create one on why the leaves are changing colour.

Mealtime- grab a blanket and eat a meal outside, breathe deep between eating. Taste your food and talk about where your food comes from and how important all of nature to your health.

Playtime- Grab some indoors and go outside and play. Find a different spot outside than normally visit and play. Find a fun game red light green light, mother may I and be silly!

Walk or Ride your bike somewhere instead of drive. Talk about what would life be like if you didn't have a car.

Explore your mind for ideas and ask the kiddos something they might enjoy outside TODAY!!!

Be with nature and The fresh air is good for us and helps to keep us healthy!! Enjoy it!! Be arole model for your children and encourage the simple pleasures of being outside!!

hugs and Happy Trails,

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