Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn Leaves dipped in Beeswax

I love Autumn and with Autumn brings so many wonderful craft things to do with your kids or when you have a peaceful moment by yourself. Nature is abundant with beautiful treasures to collect and create. One of my favourite is a simple way to preserve all these beautiful colours of the leaves. Dipping the leaves in beeswax. I want to warm beeswax in my home everyday for the warm earthy smell it gives off. These part of the project is as loved as how lovely your leaves look decorated in your home.

My son helps he is 4 and really good with being safe around the hot wax and stove but you really do want to keep that in mind with littler ones my daughter helps but with supervision.

The beeswax can be bought at a natural health store, though I am sure you probably can buy some on line as well. You get a double boiler. You can get cheap older pans or pots at a thrift store you do not want to use yours unless you are ready for some serious scrubbing later on (and i know this first hand). I used a small and larger frying pan for this project the leaves are easier just dip in and safer for my son who loves to do all projects so I keep that in mind. You put enough water in the larger one but not to much so it will spill over, the smaller one you put in the beeswax. The good thing is if you have a pan you are not using again you can just wrap it and leave it until next time.

Set the temp on medium and let the beeswax melt. The smell is so addicting and warming you will want to leave it on all day.

Once it is all melted just brush the leaf through!!Once it is all melted just brush the leaf through on both sides. You do not need to dip the whole leaf in but either way then let it hang for a bit to drip off some of the extra wax.

Once ready place on a plater or parcement paper I used a plate but use one that is ok if you get some beeswax on it.

Let dry which doesn't take to long to do. Then you are ready to decorate with!!

They are so lovely when added to your nature table as fallen leaves.

Another one of my favourite crafts are nature faery homes. We used these lovely leaves for parts of the roof!!!

These were done several weeks ago and look how awesome they still are!!
Enjoy the wonderful blessings of Autumn!!
hugs and happy trails,

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