Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rolland Moore/ Faery making day!!!

To see how to make these sweet fairies click below!
ones that I made before the day.
OOOOh it was a cold one and putting it in perspective probably not as cold as it will get but our bodies need to climatize for the up coming winter so it was chilly... but, still a great day out.

The kiddos where off exploring where they could. I love this walk there are so many fun places to explore and find. This is close to our home and one we do very regularly.

So the kids found this long that needed to come with us, so with lots of team work brought it all the way to where we were going to stop. I could probably guess it kept them warm.

Some of our sweet young ones keeping warm.

Having fun making the faeries. They are sweetly handcrafted out of all nature items. Most where collected prior to today. I unfortunatly have no pictures of the finished ones but they are so undeniably fun to create and are adorable...

Can you say "Soup" having some warm soup

The kids played and played in the fun spot and explored. Yes, they were climbing all around water. They built there own bridge out of the log they carried and just had a blast hiding and laughing. as us Mama's and yes, papa crafted.

and of course at the very end they were ready to make some faeries. This was a fabulous day.

and then off running again, good-bye,

hugs and happy trails,


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