Sunday, November 7, 2010

Play Again at the Environmental Film Festival Golden Co

Our trip to the Environmental film festival in Golden to watch the movie Play Again was lovely. Of course the irony was something like high 70 degrees and we are going inside. But, I can cut us some slack for what we were watching.

Enjoy some lovely fresh air and the beautiful views before the movie.

I thought was totally cool they brought their kids to watch for the family viewing.

The Tribe with Meg Merill, The Producer, whom was really nice and so down to earth it was a real treat to talk with her.
The panel discussion after the show. It was really interesting to listen to the kids and their screen time daily. The panel for the most part where kids that either themselves or the parents made sure they regulated their screen time. I want my children as they grow older to have the want to be outside just to be outside. Wanting to go for a bike ride to nowhere! I want to bring back the way we grew up. The movie was manly about the amount of screen time children today of all ages are watching, either texting, video games, tv, computer for pleasure and homework. It is astounding how many hours a day this is. On average anywhere from 5-12 hours. And, the saddning thing is how the lack of interaction kids are having with nature and their own families.

Watching the movie made me feel so many different feelings. I am not going to go to much more into the movie but I want to say it did give me hope of course that these films are being made to bring awareness. Nature is free, beautiful, creates healthy happy feelings.

So then it got me thinking of my screen time and really it is to much. Evaluating how much time I spend on the computer because I watch maybe 4 hours of TV a week so it is all computer time. I decided for now to give up Facebook until early January and then see where I am at. For the people who truly mean something to me I will see you and we can of course email.

If you haven't seen the movie find a way it is brilliant, inspiring for me to continue on the path with the nature tribe, hope for others to see what all is going on out there with our children.
hugs and Happy Trails,
Thank you Jenae for setting up this trip to watch this movie.


  1. I'm proud of your choice Angela and would be sad not to see you on Facebook if I didn't get to see you multiple times a week in person. Your way more fun in person out hiking the trail :-) I think it is great that you recognize a change that will be great for yourself and for your family. Just don't give up blogging or texting(me).

  2. It was great to meet you, Angela and friends! Thanks so much for posting this fun story of your trip to see PLAY AGAIN and for helping us get the word out. Enjoy your fb free months! (Meg Merrill, producer)

  3. Jenae, i think FB is easier to give then texting. and I want to keep blogging so i just had to remove something from being in front of the computer..

    Meg, I am so glad to have been able to meet you and see your amazing movie. I am going to order the dvd and show it to as many people that want to see it :).

  4. Great post Angela! You are so inspiring! Hope to see you more of you over the coming months!