Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Schedule

Hi all tribe members and guests. Well as we can tell winter is apon us and I believe getting outside during these times are just a vital for health and spirits. The cold months can get long but air, sunshine and outdoor freedom is still there awaiting our energy. All events that are planned will take place unless extreme winter conditions. What is that you might ask -30 below or road closure blizzard conditions. Really though If we are not heading out I will send out an email. So if you are interested please send me your email and I will add you to our list. Of course with the snow will bring last minute sledding trips. All sledding will be at the hill next to Hughs Stadium across from Twin Drive in on Overland Trail. Bringing a thermos with something warm and tasty for the kids seems to go over well. Ok with that our Winter Schedule.

December 1st: Nature Walk near Lee Martinez Park 10am. We will be at the Trail parking lot right of the parking lot of the Farm.

December 9th: Ice Skating downtown Fort Collins @4pm. Come join us for some fun skating. $2 to skate and $1 skate rentals size 8 is the smallest size.

December 15th: Evening at the Children's Garden to look at the Holiday lights. Meet at 5pm at the front.

December 21st: 4pm Celebrate the Winter Solstice. Hoping these will be a really sweet celebration. The kids and adults can decorate a winter tree with pinecones made from peanut butter and bird seed and sliced oranges, fire pit, hot cider on the dutch oven. Everyone can bring something to share and hopefully we can have some singing and storytelling. It is also the night of the Christmas full moon. So we can always take a walk before parting. Place TBA

We will not meet up again until January 12th. Please everyone have a beautiful magical peaceful holiday season!!

I am thinking that for the next few months that most of our meet ups are going to be more Nature walk minded and less park days. I think the kids and us being more active and exploring works better outside in the colder times.
A few tips:
Boots even if it is not wet they are super warm.
Thermos with a warm drink or soup
Extra cloths and blankets for littler ones
Extra layers before dressing

January 12th- Environmental Learning Center 10am. This is a really sweet nature walk. There are picnic tables to have lunch or snack afterwards if you want. This is a fun hike if there is some snow on the ground to track the different animals in the area. Fun for the kids to keep busy. This could be a very muddy hike. So boots are a must!! If for some reason it is too muddy and the hike area is closed we can take the paved path to Prospect Ponds and back

January 19th- 5pm Moon over my Open Space @ Devils Backbone Open Space. Learn about nighttime critters and owls. Space may be limit but details out soon.

January 27 Thursday- Lions Park 10am. More details on the area soon but it is on Overland Trail road There may be some more events or added events I will send those out through email.

February 9th- Bobcat Ridge 10am. This might change if there is a lot of snow on the ground and rescedule for something more in town. There is a great sheltered pavillion to have lunch or snack after. It may not be necessary to bring lunch on the walk it is a five minute walk to car and back.

February 24th- Butterfly Pavillion. If we can get 10 paying guests we can get the group discount. I will send this out as a invitation closer to the day. It would be $6.50 for Adult, $3.50 for child over 3.

Some events may be added I will send out emails and update blog as needed.

March - Coming soon!!

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