Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice

'From the most Ancient Days our ancestors have gathered at Solstice.To witness the rebirth of the unconquerable Sun at first light. Moving from its long gestation to triumph over the darkness. The divine light gathers strength to bring new hope, peace and joy. Whispering life’s secrets into awakening dormant seeds. With the warmth of love and the mysteries of the spirit.

We rekindle the turning of the year from it’s dark coals. To guide and sustain us as we journey through the coldest times. Honoring the rebirth of the inner light within ourselves.'
Take a moment on the day and find the light in your dark. Hold that light and burn it sacred and in your soul. I find true peace knowing that light always comes through the darkest times. What new beginning do you want to live? live it. What darkness do you want to say good-bye to? say good-bye. Hold dear to your heart all the love, life, laughter and light that you have.
Have a peaceful season.

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